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Welcome to the website of the Ontario Council of Rabbit Clubs (OC of RC). We are chartered with the American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA).

The OC of RC is the provincial ARBA club in Ontario. As in the USA there are three levels of ARBA clubs in Ontario. In the US there is the National Club (ARBA), State clubs (Michigan State Rabbit Breeders Association, as an example) and then the local or regional clubs. It is similar in Ontario; we have the National Club (ARBA), Provincial Club (the OC of RC) and then several local or regional clubs.

The following regional clubs are affiliated with the Ontario Council of Rabbit Clubs:

Eastern Ontario Rabbit Fanciers Club, Ottawa area, www.eorfc.org
Forest City Rabbit Breeders Club, London area, http://forestcityrabbitclub.webs.com/
Kitchener Waterloo Rabbit Breeders Club, Kitchener area, Email: tmrabbitry@bmts.com
Southern Ontario Rabbit Breeders Club, Hamilton area, www.sorba.biz

Each of the above regional clubs holds at least one annual ARBA sanctioned rabbit show in their area.

The OC of RC also administers the provincial sweepstakes. Any member of the OC of RC who shows at any Ontario ARBA show qualifies for our sweepstakes and prizes. There are adult and youth categories in our sweepstakes. Starting in 2016 the OC of RC will also be sponsoring youth shows at any Ontario ARBA show that chooses to have a youth component as we believe strongly the youth are the future of this great hobby.

Membership with the OC of RC also entitles you to receive our quarterly newsletter and access to our member's only section on this website. Also as a paid member of the OC of RC you can have a FREE breeder listing posted on our website to help advertise your rabbitry.

If you enjoy attending or exhibiting in ARBA sanctioned rabbit shows in Ontario then membership of the OC of RC is a must!!!

We also encourage you to join one of the above regional clubs that is close to you as strong membership at both the provincial and regional level is the only way we can keep ARBA shows thriving in Ontario. It takes a lot of work and money to put on the great shows we all get to enjoy in this province.

We also have a Facebook page to help communicate upcoming events and promotions, please check it out if you are on facebook and like and share it. Thanks https://www.facebook.com/OCORC/

For general information you can contact myself at Eugene.fenton123@gmail.com.

Please browse our site to see the details of up-coming shows / activities, breeders of various breeds of rabbits, forms needed to join the OC of RC and/or place an ad in our newsletter or web page etc.

We trust this site will be valuable to you. Thanks for your interest.

Eugene Fenton
Past President of the Ontario Council of Rabbit Clubs



The council endorses the ARBA standard of care for rabbits and cavies. You can find a copy of their recommendations here.




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